Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Feeling good...........

I am excited to say that I started training again. Coach John and I met and started a plan and its been going great. It really feels good to have a focused plan. When I think about my training and racing......the years seem to blend together.
But, when I really examine the past couple years and am honest with myself, I realize that my dedication and determination to do "my best" disappeared. When I think about that and I remember racing these past few season........i become confused. I know on race day I give it my all and do "my best". What I think has been missing is my dedication towards training. I don't think I have done "my best" in the training. Performances will suffer, even if you do your best on race day, if you don't put in the effort while training.

So, I guess what I have happily figured out is that I have that WANT to train hard, to put my best effort into training and that is different than it has been for a while. I am even beginning to Like the treadmill.......scary stuff.

Training with friends is the best!!

I have some key races lined up, included a trip down to Texas with Jules and Cy to the 70.3 Buffalo Springs. What a fun race to do with friends. The Half Ironman is my favorite race distance. There are Kona slots for Age Group Winners at this race. CY, Julie and I all happen to be in different age groups so that's fun! My A race is Madison Ironman. This was my first Ironman(05) and where I qualified for Kona(06).
Qualifying for Kona is always a goal but not the only reason to do these races. It is like an added bonus!

Memories from Kona

My focus for this season is Ironman, other than 2 half ironman races, time trials, Lifetime Olympic, a couple Du's.....I will be spending my weekends training and being with my kids.

Other than early morning swims, riding on my trainer, running on the treadmill and on trails, pull ups, push ups, core work and squats..........

We have been having fun with sleepovers, basketball, snowboarding, skiing, reading, and lots and lots of laughing...........

Lexi has her friends from Kindergarten reunite and sleepover.

Trev loving basketball

Lexi and Mandy Snowboarding