Tuesday, October 21, 2008

more reflections........

After writing that last blog on changes, I have found myself being very reflective on the impact of change. And after gathering all kinds of information from varied sources..........this is what I believe.
I believe that while all kinds of things can change on the outside and life can throw us unbelievable challenges, making us feel like things are out of control.............the one thing that we can keep constant, is ourselves.

We have the power to stay true to ourselves. Just because everything around us is changing.......does not mean that we, ourselves have to change. The beauty is that we can be resilient, we can build these wonderful coping mechanisms that allow us to be strong and who we are, no matter what.

A wise and dear friend sent me this in response to my life in change. He set up a metaphor to triathlons, got to love it.

How you handle transitions is important – when the results of your triathlon are reported, the times for transition are separately listed – for the swim, bike and run the only constant is you – I choose to think there is a correlation to life – family, friends and places will change – JulieMac will still be JulieMac –

Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Beautiful time of year.........

If you are lucky enough to live in Minnesota or any other state that experiences ALL four seasons........you know what I mean.
Fall is not only a beautiful time of year but also a visual reminder that LIFE is all about change. Change is natural, necessary and indeed can be beautiful. Of course change does not come without its difficulty or discomfort.........but sometimes that is where our best growing and healing can begin to prepare us for what lies ahead.

I seem to be in this revolving changing way of life.........and for the most part.......I feel like I am adapting. Continuously learning from the past, able to look at ways to make improvements, make the best out of situations and getting better at just trusting that things will be ok.

Embracing change......I love trying new things. I have found a new love for Mountain Biking.......what a great off season sport. It is right up there with trail running.
The combination of adventure, nature, beauty, thrills, skills, non competitive(personal choice for me) and challenging me in a totally new and different way. I love it.

Then there is Lexi. Not a big fan of change.....never really has been and just needs a little extra time for adjustment. Ahhhh......don't we all really!!! For example, the girl could eat at subway (her favorite) everyday. And order the same thing every time. Here she is enjoying her drink. But, man she sure is cute.

Trevor is one who can handle change. He is my kid that( while he likes things the same and IF he can he will choose the same path) does not get freaked out when plans need to be changed or situations come up. Somewhere he has learned to trust that things are going to be ok.......he gets that.

The Great Big Woods RUN
What a beautiful run.......I am purposefully calling this a run because it was a run, a beautiful run on a gorgeous fall day.
I had the opportunity to run a 10k, not race, not hammer, not worry about time or pace ........and it was great. I had the opportunity to run WITH someone, to talk, to encourage, to thank volunteers...........It was the best 10k I have run in a long time. Thank you Patrick for venturing with me to this run and running with me. This was a very positive change for me.
Plus, they had great soup and homemade cookies afterwards!!


Becca and Chris ROCK the Half Marathon!! Way to go!

All in all, fall is a great season.........such a beautiful way to see things change. I am grateful for all the opportunities to learn and to grow in change. I love the changing of our seasons, each season for a different reason..........and i have to say i look forward to calm and stillness of winter.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

A fun and fabulous saturday

What a great day. It started like every past saturday has started.........Football. Trevor has done a fabulous job playing for the Cowbows. He loves it and has learned so much in his first year of football. They started the playoffs and won their first game. It was very exciting.

Jen and I ventured out for a 3 hour ride.......into St. Paul and found ourselves stopping at Bread and Chocolate on Grand for some yummy treats. What a great off season ride. It was beautiful and sunny. A perfect day for riding with friends.

I have been having fun taking pictures and Lexi often volunteers to be my "model".

This next weekend I really HOPE to get out and DO a cyclocross race. I have been practicing my mounting and dismounting skills. I can do the "flying mount" in a controlled environment........but will i be able to do it in a race???
Now, I have to just get out there and enter my first race. I have been really nervous......ok, down right scared!!
Any encouraging words appreciated!!