Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I'm OUT......I'm IN!!!!!!!!!!

Your request for withdrawal from Ford Ironman Florida
has been submitted. Your reference number is: 1221059084

I sat by the computer with my finger on the submit button, knowing that it was the "right" thing to do but really having a hard time doing it. Florida was going to be my comeback race.........but sometimes our body tells us something else and we must listen. So, as I listened to my body and the doctors and physical therapist and discussed with my coach.....I withdrew from Florida IM and a new and exciting plan was formed.

Wisconsin Ironman 2009 and I am IN!!!

Pictures from IM WI 2008
Kate, Jmac and Cathy by the Capital (outside of Starbucks) after the swim

Jhull, Jen, Eric, and Cathy making the walk to "cowbell hill"

Just your typical FAN

Not training for IM Florida means I get to spend more time at Football !!!
Go Cowboys! Go Trevor!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Wedding Pictures


Brian and Sarah

Sarah and Cathy

Lexi and Sara

Julie, Trev and Lexi

Julie's BIG family

What a weekend. My niece Sarah got married over the weekend. And what a beautiful wedding.
The bride and groomed just beamed with happiness throughout the entire weekend. My sister Cathy (mom) and Tom ( father) were equally as happy and beamed with pride.
I was able to practice my photography skills and take some pictures during the wedding service. It felt great to get some nice shots. Sarah and Brian were so appreciate to have the photos to see on a slideshow that same day and to keep as reminder of their beautiful day and their start of their life together.

ON a side note........I have not danced, nor have I seen my kids dance as much as we did at the wedding reception. A great time was had by all. I believe Lexi was out on the dance floor the entire night with Trev right along side her. Lexi was complaining of sore legs on sunday!!