Friday, March 20, 2009

A day to be remembered.........

March 21 will always be a day to be remembered.
Ten years ago, Sunday, March 21, 1999 , was the day that my Dad's life ended.
I was reminded of this by a letter written by my mother that I would like to share(with her permission).
Dear Family,
Saturday, March 21st will be,as most of you have remembered, 10 years since your Dad has died....I remember him best when I think of the '12 gift package 'he left me. He left me 6 boys, 6 girls, now spouses and 28 grandchildren. I am so grateful for each and every one of you. You are all so special, yes, each of you. I know he is looking down feeling very proud.. I really feel God walks with me, His arm around my shoulder, like Bob used to do. Saturday I will especially remember him in Mass and then Mary jo and I have plans for dinner at Rosebuds...Take care and know that God loves you as I do.

Though it was this day that my Dad's life ended, his memories will always be alive. My Dad did such an incredible job being the husband he was, the father he was, the grandfather he was, the community member he was......His life will always be celebrated.

I do remember when my Dad died, it was so sudden and so unexpected. It was a very difficult time. Grief is such a funny thing............ You know it just kind of consumes you without you really knowing it. It has such power, it can just knock you over. And you kind of wake up one day and you kind of say, "wow, what happened to me recently" and then slowly you reintegrate back into life. And then every once in a while it will just sneak up on you again and get ya. Grief......its a powerful thing.
I am not sure grief ever really goes away, I think you learn how to cope and adapt to living with grief.

I love sharing stories about Grandpa Bob to Lexi and Trevor. They want to know everything about him. They could listen to stories forever. They love hearing about our family adventures and how my Dad hid chocolate everywhere....well, all the kids knew the hiding spots!
I will be digging out some different pictures but here are the ones I had on my computer.

Me and Dad in Highschool.
Julie showing off the 80's trends

Grandpa Bob and Trevor in Florida

Julie and Dad (I loved my Dad's hugs)

I know that my Dad is watching over me. I feel him around me all the time. I especially feel him when I am out in the woods.
My dad loved nature and being outside.
I love you Dad and I miss you.


Darcy Franklin said...

I always like to thank friends for sharing their stories of their fathers. It reminds me that despite my relationship with my father is NOT what you had, he is still here and I have the power to change that. There was a time I was ready to give up and through friends' experiences I didn't. I know that living this way will leave me with no regrets. Thank you and be so glad you have fond, loving memories of your dad.

Cy said...

What a beautiful story Julie! Those photos of you with your father are priceless. It's not hard to understand why your such a compassionate, loving, sweet person.

GoBigGreen said...

thanks for sharing this, Jmac. It makes me appreciate every day I get to spend with my mom and dad.

EZnJ said...

This was such a nice post Julie! It reminded me of the great relationship that I had with my own Dad. Those pictures just put a smile on my face. Thanks for sharing!

juliemac said...

Thanks for all your wonderful comments.
There is not a day that goes by that I don't think about my dad in some way and smile, knowing how blessed I am. I am on a mission to find more pictures to share with my kids.