Wednesday, April 1, 2009

what happened over spring break.........

We started out the week with a trip to the MOA. Lexi and her dance group gave a dance performance at the Nickelodeon University.

Lexi did a great job dancing and afterwards we enjoyed some time going on the rides. Well, let me first Trevor went with his friend and Lexi went with her friends and there I was by myself thinking, my kids are getting old. So, I found myself wandering around the mall for awhile. Later, I met up with the kids. Lexi went home with friends and Trev and I stayed longer and went on more rides together. I have to say, I love rollercoasters.

I am thinking a trip to Valley Fair is in order this summer. My kids have never been there!!

The rest of the week really quieted is a run down of what I accomplished:
-enjoyed a "free" week of yoga at CorePower Yoga and Love It!
-swam masters and was able to enjoy coffee afterwards with friends
-had a 2 hour massage with Becca........can't say enough about that!! thank you Becca!
-cleaned my house, including floors on hands and knees and dusted (this doesn't happen as often as it should)
-framed a lot of black and white photography and attempted to hang-help :(
-caught up with my sister and just hung out together
-talked to my mom on the phone a lot!
-went to my neurologist, had another MRI, determined to figure out these migraines
-went to several new doctor appointments............
-finished season one of 24 on my trainer! ready for season two. so sad about Terri :(
-got a manicure with Lexi and she picked out a pretty purple for me.
-went to a couple movies with friends
-got my road bike out for some hill repeats before the rain and snow
-started an online graduate class, "behavior is language"
-spent some time reading

And before you know it, the week was over. Spring break was done.
Back to school. It was great to have the week off and as much as I would have loved to have gone somewhere warm or somewhere also felt really good to stay home and take care of some things, connect with some people, take care of myself, and relax.

Here are some random pictures from the week.

One of our favorite things to do is to ride our bikes to the park and stop on the way to feed the horses.

Trevor and Howie, the miniature pony

Lexi and Dreamer

Our other favorite thing to do is to jump on the trampoline.
Here is Lexi jumping with water balloons. This was on one of those nice days!

Favorite pictures of Trev this basketball season:


GoBigGreen said...

You are brave!! I used to love rollercoasters and then i must have had a vestibular awakening ( or the opposite!) bc now the puke factor plays too much a role in the rides! Valleyfair for sure for the kids, especially when it is warmer and they can ride the flume and get all wet!
Sounds like you really enjoyed your vacation it goes by WAY too fast doesnt it.

Cy said...

Beautiful Photos Julie!!